First up, Magical Emi #2. Debut by Magic! Live Broadcast!!
The heat is on Magic Carat as their last performance on stage has caught the eye of a TV producer who wants to put them on live TV. But the problem is, no one seems to know who this mysterious girl was who saved their fat from the fryer in that last show.
Time is running out, how will things turn out? Find out!

Next up, Lamune #22.

As David Lee Roth once sang, “Oh I aint got no body!” (well, sort of. :p )
We pick up right where we left off with #21…
After our hero gave final challenge to Black Lamuness, who promptly gave our hero the finger! Sending our hero on a 5000 year magical mystery tour through time and space where he is shown things he never even dreamed of could have happened in the history of Lamune. Will our disembodied hero find his way back? And who is this mysterious sad eyed woman? Find out!

Enjoy! Suzaku.
Meow Baby! =^-^=

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Lamune #22
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