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The Great Space Fortress Appears!!

Captain Harlock, the Arcadia and its crew face a new threat to their existence: Pursuit Battleship Desmolk 1, fresh off the line, care of the Illumidas government. About to be beaten, will the “Goddess” be able to nurse them back to health? Find out in this latest release. Now featuring the latest region 2 DVD video source from the Live-eviL library!

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Today we bring you with pain a new series. This and all the episodes tell a tale of a man and all his love life today you learn about him and someone. This someone will have to be figured out about by watching


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Attention all Initial D fans!  We have a special treat for you.  It is our pleasure to present a new Initial D OVA for your viewing pleasure.  Not only do we get to see some great driving, but we finally get answer to the question, “What ever happened between Mako and Iketani?”

We have temporarily teased out of retirement the top translator who did Initial D 4th Stage, EclipseZeta, for this one time event, as well as other original staff.  Karaoke is courtesy of the master, getfresh, so I hope you’ll all enjoy the show.  A big thank you to everyone involved, especially our dedicated QCers who watched it over and over and over again.

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