Since 2 days L-E|Nephthys is run as the new successor of the old L-E|Osiris.

It’s going to serve probably most of all l-e’s releases not licensed thanks to willowd,bastardsama’s job.
I hope you’re going to find all you need not available via Bittorent

Last stats from L-E|Osiris :

GStat: U:0.0KiB/s D:0.0KiB/s S:0/4 Q:0/50 R:0/0 C:0/5 A:1 P:23426/296 Sh: 57G Ul: 14T Dl:  0B

Stats from L-E|Nephtys :
GStat: U:10.2KiB/s D:0.0KiB/s S:2/4 Q:2/5 R:0/0 C:0/0 A:1 P:3/394 Sh: 75G Ul:  1G Dl:  0B

So you can see it’s already sharing more stuff  than the older L-E|Osiris.

You can find more information on Nephthys and Osiris using Wikipedia šŸ™‚