The Ladies of Live-evil are proud to bring you a new show! We’ve had fun working on this one, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Tensions are high between the Kingdoms of Wellber and Sangatras, but a royal wedding will bring peace. That is, it should have, until the Prince is murdered on the wedding night! Meanwhile, a thief stumbles on the scene at exactly the wrong time. Now, Princess Rita and the thief Tina are running for their lives. But there is more than meets the eye… Can they make it to Greedom in time to prevent war? And who is Tina searching for?

Two women, a fairy, and a talking tank… what more could we ask for in an anime?

File info:
Filename: [Live-evil]_Wellber_no_Monogatari_01_[31A46ADC].avi
MD5: 4c4bc249ac9ed99ed310251081873f52
Size: 180944896

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