For all you Sailor Moon fans out there, we finally have episode 170: One Fateful Night! The Sailor Soldiers Suffering. Nehellenia hasn’t stopped with taking over Mamoru’s mind, now she’s kidnapped him as well! Well, Usagi isn’t going to stand for it! She must reach Nehellenia before the next dawn in order to take back her love. The Sailor Scouts must avoid Nehellenia’s traps and follow after their beautiful but impulsive (and slightly vapid) leader.

We continue to include YaoiBoy’s wonderfully remastered AC3 audio for those with the hardware and auditory capabilities to enjoy it.

– Blue_Mage

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DAQ 31:

The end of another exciting story arc! The identity of the Collector will finally be revealed. And as an extra little bonus, a supplier of very illegal snuff videos will be taken out of action. Does a romance between Ryu and Meg finally blossom? Find out!

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