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For all you Sailor Stars fans, enjoy episode 169: The Cursed Wicked Mirror! Mamoru captured by the nightmare. Nehellenia has returned and Mamoru is in danger! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… Can Usagi and the others save Mamoru in time?

And of course, those of you with AC3 speakers will enjoy Mr. YaoiBoy’s remastered audio.

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*sings to the tune of Doe-a-deer*

And now, my dear, an ep is here… a really good episode for you.
And if, you think, you know how it goes… well, you’re gonna be surprised!
There’s nuns, oh so many nuns! There’s Maria, teaching lots of kids! There’s a song, oh finally there’s a song!
And that brings us all to Trapp, yes Trapp, a most perfect anime.


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– tlynnec

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please put aside any negative feelings you may have for myself or L-E and let’s talk about a very exciting topic… Otakon 2006!

As you may or may not know, Otakon is the premiere anime convention on the eastern seaboard and arguably all of America. Every year, we at L-E, along with others, organize a trip there which includes a fansubbing panel at the con, nights in luxury suites at a 5 star hotel, and more alcohol+snacks than should be consumed in one weekend.

We do have plenty of room available for those who would like to come. All you need to do is get your butt to Baltimore, MD for the weekend of August 4-6.

The going rate will be $100, which includes hotel stays on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, as well as the best parties you’ll ever find at an anime con. If you or anyone you know is interested in coming and partying with us, just let me know. You may PM me on here, IM me at Tofusensei on AIM, msg Tofusensei on, or send me an email at

We will allow groups of people to stay with us, and I guarantee much fun will be had by all. I might even have to bring the karaoke machine again :X

See you there!

For more information on Otakon, go to the website at

You really should pre-register at the site to secure a badge for the weekend. The current rate is $60.


Please respond on the forum if you are going to the con. Even if you cannot stay with us, you’re welcome to party 🙂