Another Sunday and heres another release for you all to enjoy. It’s another one to add to the Leiji Matsumoto stable and it’s called Queen Millennia. It could be said to be the prequel to any and all Leiji Matsumot series that have ever been made so we hope you all enjoy it.

You can read more about it here.

As usual available via XDCC bot at #live-evil on or torrent here.

File Info –
; MooSFV v1.84 – Sun Feb 05 11:31:46 2006
;7be2d6d4a904b719ba7ea7e45757442e [Live-eviL]_Queen_Millennia_(TV)_-_01_[1CE2479A].mkv
; 178105533 Feb 05 11:31:05 2006 [Live-eviL]_Queen_Millennia_(TV)_-_01_[1CE2479A].mkv
[Live-eviL]_Queen_Millennia_(TV)_-_01_[1CE2479A].mkv 1CE2479A