Slightly after the fact but we’ve released episodes 12 and 13 of Space Symphony Maetel. With the release of Episode 13 this marks the end of this subbing project. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as it was a fun series to sub. Sorry about the length of time it took to sub a 13 ep series but you know how life is :c. We sincerely hope that when Galaxy Railways 2 starts to air that it won’t suffer the same fat that Maetel did.

So without further ado please enjoy the final 2 episodes and see why Maetel decided to ride the 999 and begin the great space opera that is Galaxy Express 999.

Episode 12
Size :- 245,609,147
CRC :- D01B6568

Episode 13
CRC :- 97C34F46
Size :- 242,863,130