We haven’t forgotten about this series, just had some (a lot of) complications which delayed its progress. Hopefully this will not be the case for the time being. Anyway, we’ve release episode 4 with our friends at Hikari no Kiseki, and I hope you’ll download it and enjoy. We’d like to welcome people who discovered this show from Kuonji Fansubs as well ^^

You can get the files from xdcc bots in #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com (go to http://www.mirc.com for more info on irc), or you can get the file off of bit torrent at http://a.scarywater.net/live-evil/ and eps 1-4 should all be seeded pretty well 🙂


FIlesize is 177,491,968 bytes, the CRC is 2A481536, and the md5 hash is be49fd862b178c16ceeb2231def39d1d. This file was encoded w/ Xvid 1.1 which you can get from http://www.koepi.org