Yes, you saw that correctly, we are now 21 and therefore legal!
So next time you see us out in public, please buy us a drink or something, cause we have earned it! 🙂

All joking aside, we wanted to mark this occasion with as much releases as we could, but as stated before we are a bit short on staff right now.


So all we have is 2 episodes right now.
Magical Emi #34 and Ask Dr. Rin! #31

Magical Emi #34
A Kokubunji episode! “Karintou of Love and Sorrow.”
The name says it all, as it’s a throwback to a previous episode, Kokubunji’s fear of Karintou comes back to haunt him in a BIG way!

Ask Dr. Rin! #31
It looks like the long thread of “monster of the week” is ending!
The dark powers that have been hiding for so long make their move!

#34 h264
393 MB (412,544,094 bytes)
CRC: 6F3D65A5

Dr Rin#31 h264
263 MB (276,169,641 bytes)
MD5: 803D6D2E0A138CEBC0BE8AF812371CE4

Meow baby! =^-^=

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil or grab it off BitTorrent.

We’re not dead. Just very tired. Remember, we don’t have as much staff as we used to.











Here’s an update on the following projects:

Ask Dr. Rin Ep 31 is ready to be released.
Ceddie Eps 20-22 have been fully translated. Scripts have been sent off to Suzaku for further processing.
Emi Ep 34 is ready to be released.
Hori-san OAV 5-6 is still waiting to be Edited / TS’d. E_B has been extremely busy with work. He will get to the files.
Yawara 60-63 BD also ready to be released.

Please be patient with us and stay tuned for a June 13th release.

— Mamo









It’s a sad day for Laughing Salesman fans. The creator of Laughing Salesman has passed away. Not to be confused with Fujiko F Fujio (Original creator for Doraemon)

For anyone who hasn’t watched Laughing Salesman…. watch it NOW! Put off what you’re doing and start with episode 1.
Each episode has its own story. Not like some animes that are over 200 episodes and drags on forever.
Also, each episode is 10 minutes long.

— Mamo

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