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Ninku OVA

Ninku OVA now in freaking blu-ray! (Geez.. where’s KOR on blu-ray?)

Four years have passed since the end of war between the Ninku and the Imperial Army.
The remaining Ninku, Fuusuke, Touji, and Aichou, head to Amahara Village to deliver a knife to a girl named Makoto, who is the sister of their fallen comrade Eiji, as a memento. Once they arrive, the town is seemingly abandoned, and the remaining residents are hiding in fear.
Eventually, they enter a restaurant and find Makoto (dressed as a boy) and her friend Taikichi.
The two explain to the Ninku that the village has been overtaken by the Rasenryu pirates,
who have been wreaking havoc, pillaging, and abducting the locals as prisoners.
It’s up to the Ninku to fight off the Rasenryu in order to restore peace back to Amahara Village.

Filename: [EviL-Orphan-Soldado]_Ninku_-_Knife_no_Bohyou_(OVA)_[BD-10bit][1080p-FLAC][46D581A2].mkv
Size: 2,325,512,704 bytes
CRC: 46D581A2
MD5: d039081c2c68f032807f94cba1c5bcbd

Filename: [EviL-Orphan-Soldado]_Ninku_-_Knife_no_Bohyou_(OVA)_[BD-10bit][720p-AAC].mkv
Size: 914,023,246 bytes
CRC: 2F26F22E
MD5: 808f455ccea29a6c65d88f54c5940a33

Filename: [EviL-Orphan-Soldado]_Ninku_-_Knife_no_Bohyou_(OVA)_[BD][480p-AAC].mkv
Size: 456,994,753 bytes
MD5: f5c90d274f3d94595c83921d585202f4

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel,?#live-evil grab it off?BitTorrent. You can also grab the OVA from?#soldado



Fansubbing is like walking a tightrope…
Its a multifaceted cluster fu#k that make you want to go major postal if not totally insane or both.
How so you ask? OK, on one hand you got the translators, these are one of the most important key staff members.
Without their work things can’t even get off the ground.
Then there is the timers who time the scrips and move things along to the editors.
Now… editors are not to be confused with QC staff…
where as they are very similar in what they do, an can’t QC their own work..
And this is not to say that a QC can’t be an editor and and Editor can’t QC, it just has to be separate projects.

Now… If you have Translated stuff but a breakdown in edit or QC, then sooner or later the Translator could become frustrated and less productive. OR if there is a slowdown in TL or edit… then the QC staff can become bored and fade off.

See where I’m trying to go with this? T_T

CP was an exceptional case as he was a good editor AND excellent QCer.
So the long of the short is, we need staff…
#1 Editors ( willing to stay the course and work on older shows )
#2 QC staff ( willing to stay even when things slow to a crawl )
#3 Translators ( this is to the least degree We DO have TL staff that TL and Tlc but they are very busy with RL stuff ..but a few more less busy ones would not hurt :p )

any one interested plz contact me at

Suzaku & the staff of Live-eviL

=^-^= Meow baby!