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Do you enjoy anime? Do you enjoy good grammar? Do you enjoy enforcing strict rules on anime in production? Then you may be right for us!
Here is the long and the short of it, one of our main edit / QC staff is down with a serious heath issue, and will hopefully recover, however, even when he was up and running, things were not as quick paced as we would like, but now with him in treatment… the need for extra help is really apparent 🙁
so, if you think you got the right stuff. you want to be a QCer?
Then pls contact me directly.. =^-^=


Episode 24, Love, fireworks, and red flowers.

Rinrin’s rather one-sided red-hot rivalry with her mentor Meirin over fated lover Asuka has ascended to a near boiling point when the dueling Feng Shui masters find themselves facing off at a local summer festival, where Rinrin has a plan to win Asuka forever!
Meanwhile, a tremble Taiko curse threatens to turn everyone’s trip topsy-turvy!
Meow baby! =^-^=

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