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A new and unique team is formed with Megu, Yukihira, and a surprise transfer student! These ladies are out to prove they can take on any case… and take out a train-riding pervert in the process. Don’t miss the excitment as the “Beauty Power Trio” is revealed.

Don’t cry Kyuu, we haven’t forgotten you…

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As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, or grab it off BitTorrent.



Episode #10 Klaus’s Dream, is now available in high quality x264!

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Meow Baby! =^-^=

Episode #03 Lullaby of the Battlezone

Harlock is back for another episode, and he means business! In this episode, the Illumidas send something from Harlock’s past after him. He’s gonna have to think twice to get out of this one alive.

Enough spoilers, watch it already & enjoy.

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