Episode #18, Grandfather, I’m Ceddie.

The Demon Earl of Dorincourt has returned, but Ceddie is nowhere to be found! A very bad start for a first meeting between the two, but Ceddie’s kind demeanor seems to soothe things out for the mean time, as the Demon Earl takes quick notice of Ceddie’s deep attachment to his mother, and starts to plot to drive a wedge between them, meanwhile, Bridgette is still up to her little tricks,
how will things turn out?
Find out!
Suzaku! =^-^=

Meow baby

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And here I thought the OVA was over. Nope.

I’ve confirmed that the 5th and 6th episode will be out on R2J DVD this May.  We will continue to translate this as the OVA is not licensed.

Each disc is 4584 yen. Total comes to 9168 yen ($88.81 USD at the time of typing this).  Want to help with Hori-san OVA? Click here to donate.

If you are interested in helping out with the OVA, please email me at mamochan@live-evil.org. Have an IRC client? You can find me on #live-evil@irc.rizon.net


— Mamo


Or that was general idea, before this year went to hell in a handbasket, I need NOT go into details why, but needless to say, that we do NOT have all the stuff lined up for release that we had hoped, staffing issues, HORRID year, and me having to go through a rough year myself with a couple of surgeries one being TODAY 12/24/2020, and a bunch of tests throughout the year, nothing major, they are jacking with my shoulder AGAIN… did not heal right.

Long of the short, there are only 2 things in the can to release as of NOW… more may follow.
1 Ceddie and 1 Emi.

First up. Ceddie #17, I’m So Happy! At Last, I Can Meet My Grandfather!!

Having just run away and met his Mother, Ceddie is now in much higher spirits, especially after meeting his new friend, Cocky, and agrees to once again return to the mansion, on his way back, he meets a priest who knew his father who has some information that excites him, Grandfather is on his way back!

And next is Magical Emi #31, Devoted Couple’s Zig-Zag Pattern.
There is trouble in paradise, as Emi’s parents get into a fight over a trivial matter, but neither one seem to be backing down, and it’s just getting worse! Is this the end for the happy couple? Find out!

Ceddie#17 h264
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Emi#31 h264
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MD5: 1E94E59E77CB5D3C5D821FC53097D756

Suzaku! =^-^=
Meow baby!

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil @irc.rizon.net or grab it off BitTorrent.

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